Details on "Walk ah Country Mile, Eat ah Country Meal"

                                 PLUM MITAN

Welcome to a very quaint country west of Southern Manzanilla known as "Plum Mitan Village". Our transport will take us first at the entrance to a lighthouse which ironically is situated on a hill known as "BRIGAND HILL" which happens to be the third tallest hill of the Central Range. We are met at the base of Brigand Hill by a villager of Plum Mitan who will escort us to the top of this hill onto the premises of the lighthouse. The purpose of this visitation to to see the fantastic views of both the Atlantic Ocean to the south of us and opposite the ocean is the majestic view of the Nariva Swamp in her entirety. Despite the lighthouse is no longer being maintained and the environment is nothing but untidy, it takes away nothing from the astounding views from the summit. By the way, the trek to the summit of Brigand Hill (666 feet) is a steady uphill trek all the way from Plum Mitan Road (223 feet) for only .5 of a mile.

As we depart from Brigand Hill, we will be given the opportunity in seeing the summit of the tallest hill of the Central Range, "Mt. Tamana" and right in front of that hill, we will also see the ridge of the second tallest hill of the Central Range, "Mt. Harris".

Back on Plum Mitan Road, we enjoy a bit of the typical country walk with cocoa estates on both sides of the road until we reach to "Maridale Road". Distance covered at this point is .8 of a mile and the altitude here is 381 feet. We walk into this street up at a point where we veer off this street and into private property (325 feet) and distance covered at this point is just .4 of a mile. In this property is a mixture of cocoa estate and natural forest all the way until we reach at Hart Trace which is 66 feet above sea level and distance covered to this point is .8 of a mile. From this trace, just the final .5 of a mile and we will finish at the residence of where a sumptuous country curried meal awaits us. Distance covered in all is 3 miles.

At Lalboo's residence, we will be served to pure home cooked curried Counts, Caskadoo fish, chicken with cooked white rice, home cooked dhalpoori roti, curried potato and channa, curried mango or chataigne, with hot pepper and spicy anchar with soft beverages and waters.


Upon departure, we journey through the deeper end of Plum Mitan Village to South Cunapo Road where we drive through the beautiful Mt. Harris reserve and through the very little known but popular "Coal Mine Village" onto Sangre Grande and thence to our final destination.   

Duration & Cost

9 hours FULL TOUR

1 hour 30 minutes hike from Brigand Hill to our host's house

TTD $350. per person

(For this tour to be made possible, (8) persons MUST register)

Payment is to be made at any branch of Republic Bank, Account # 320466690701 in the name of "Nature Trekking in T&T". Once payment is made and a receipt is given, kindly Whats app to 868-740-2860 or email to for confirmation thank you. Do remember, who pays first will get the preferential treatment.

All-inclusive tour/hike includes: bus transport, full curry lunch, soft beverages, professional tour services


Attire comfortably.

Bring an extra pair of flip flops, in the event of any unexpected rain or parts of the hike can be wet.

Bring an extra shirt or jersey, just in case a change is required.