Shangri-La Bay (All-Inclusive)



Meeting place: The "LOOK-OUT" on the North Coast Road

Meeting time: 6:00am SHARP

Estimated arrival time at the Spring Bridge: 7:15am

Estimated completion time of the walk from Paradise Bay: 2:00pm LATEST

The rating of this beach walk is (4) Moderate


Welcome to Blanchisseuse where we will be parking our vehicles a little way beyond the Spring Bridge by some townhouses that will ensure safe parking.

We enjoy a nice walk all along dirt terrain for about 45 minutes to 1 hour tops until we eventually reach to a trail that very little folks know about. Once we reach to that trail, it is all downhill from here. We come at a diversion where the downhill is quite steep and so, a rope will be attached between trees to ensure of your safety as you carefully trod downhill straight on the seashore.

The beach is a hidden gem of a beach that is not known whatsoever hence for its name "Shangri-La" meaning "A remote, beautiful imaginary place where life approaches perfection"

Now folks, I will take the opportunity in notifying you all about this beach that is unknown by 98% of the population. I ask of you all to really take this opportunity and embrace this beach please. Enjoy what is on offer.

When we eventually depart Shangri-La Bay, we head back how we came until we reach at our destined turn off at another beach where our fresh and hot fish lunch awaits us......yes, grilled fish of the day, together with fresh salad, potato salad and rice will be served and another great beach to also enjoy before we finally make our way back  at our parked vehicles.

Duration & Cost

45 minutes drive from the Look-Out to the Spring Bridge, Blanchisseuse

Duration from start of the hike to Shangri-La Bay (One way) - 1 hour maximum


TTD $200. per adult


Kindly make payment to any branch of Republic Bank Limited


In the name of "Nature Trekking in T&T"

Once payment is made, kindly Whats app or email a copy of the receipt as proof of payment

Persons wishing to make direct payments, touch base with me and arrangements will be made

Please note that persons making advanced payments will be acknowledged first and foremost

Attire & General Information

Wear long/short trousers.

Bath suits can be worn under your hike clothing.

Highly recommended that you wear long/short sleeve tops. No sleeveless tops please.

Wear a good pair of sneakers/sandals with good grips under the soles. No slippers on this trek please.

Bring along a cap or a broad brimmed hat preferably.

Sunglasses will be an important asset.

Walk with a generous amount of drinking water/power drinks if you desire and snacks to munch along the way.

Use a Backpack thereby keeping both hands totally free.

Bring a change of clothing which will be left in the vehicles.

Important Notice - Re: COVID-19

Due to the state of  this pandemic the Corona-virus epidemic, in order to maintain my usual high standard of service on to my fellow hikers and fitness enthusiasts, for this "Beachcombers Event", no more than "(25) twenty-five hikers" will be entertained whatsoever. Safety, and security is NTITT's utmost prime focus and of course, your well-being will be monitored every step of the way throughout the duration of the expedition.

Please read the guidelines carefully that will be the order of the day:

  1. At the meeting point, you are to remain in your respective vehicles. I will entertain each of you by the car window.

  2. A 15 minute grace will be given for late comers. At 6:15am, we depart the LOOK-OUT to our destination. The objective here is to "START EARLY AND FINISH EARLY".

  3. Social distancing will be the order of the day throughout our beach walk.

  4. Wear your face mask if you so desire.

Cancellation & No-Show Policy

As Nature Trekking in Trinidad and Tobago continue to strive for excellence in its endeavor in providing "A" class service whether by hiking or touring, effective IMMEDIATELY, whoever is interested in embarking on any hike or tour MUST make advanced payments to any branch of Republic Bank in the name of "Nature Trekking in T&T" and the account number is 320466690701 and the account is a "Chequing Account" if asked. Once payment is finally made, a screenshot of the receipt is suggested and whats-app to 740-2860. If payment to the bank is however not possible, I will strongly suggest that we meet for payment to be made and a receipt shall be given as proof of payment. Once again folks, this is highly suggested to ensure that on any given hike especially, the numbers will be under control at all times.

Please note that once you have booked a hike/tour with me means that I have reserved time in my schedule exclusively for you. If you cancel your hike/tour less than 24 hours before our activity is scheduled to take place, your full amount deposited will NOT be refunded whatsoever.

To avoid a cancellation penalty, please provide cancellation notice at least 24 hours prior to your hike/tour with me. You can cancel or reschedule a hike/tour by emailing me at or you can touch base with me at either 740-2860/389-7441 or Whats-app me at either mobile number stated.

If for some reason our scheduled hike/tour has to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, full refund will be paid if requested or your money can remain until a rescheduled hike/tour date is established.

If for whatever reason you are a no show for a hike/tour and no communication was made to notify the Hike Master/Tour Operator of such, NO REFUND will be in effect.

If on the day of a hike/tour, an emergency arises out of your control and you are unable to make it due to either sickness or death, 50% refund will be made to you at the earliest possible time.