Details on Morne La Croix to Caura Villages

The rating of this hike is (5) moderately challenging

Deep in the Northern Range, in the middle of nowhere lies a very quiet village of Morne La Croix where the population here is just about 45 people most and they primarily get by through agriculture and in some cases, people working outside of this village is primarily in the Borough of Arima.

Anyway, from this village, we head on further into the mountains through another very small an sparse village known as "Mamoral". Elevation at the start of the trek is 646 feet. Great dirt road to walk on as this road allows vehicles inside here. We pass by very few houses and much activities of agricultural land being prepared for planting. As we venture further int the mountain, the more we will see nature slowly enclosing around us until we eventually reach at a junction where we must veer off the dirt road and now into a very narrow trail and forest all around us. By then, we would have covered 3 miles of trekking in about 1 hour 20 minutes and the elevation at this point is 902 feet.  The terrain throughout the dirt road is undulating and comfortable.....but as we take the official trail on-wards to the summit is a steady uphill trek, but the beautiful and untouched forestry makes up for the uphill trek as we enjoy nature at its best here.

We eventually reach at the summit of Caura Mountain where the views here is as expected, beautiful.. The distance of 4.8 miles to the summit is accomplished and elevation if 1,552 feet has been attained, and with moderate walking to the summit will be done in about 2 hours most.

The trek from here on-wards is now officially in the Caura Valley where the trek is steady downhill all along cleat trail inside raw and completely untouched forest. As we reach the first ravine crossing, ready yourself for 23 more ravine crossings to finally complete your hike. As we come out of the forest, what is notable here is that we will be trekking past numerous gardens deep in the forest. At this point, we are now on flat terrain all the way to the very top of "Manacal Road" which is the official end of the hike.

Total hike time will be around 3 hours 30 minutes and total distance covered is about 9 miles and elevation here is 374 feet.

Duration & Cost

8 Hours

Duration of the entire course : 4 hours




TTD $180. per person (5 persons minimum.....10 persons maximum)

Payment is to be made at any branch of Republic Bank, Account # 320466690701 in the name of "Nature Trekking in T&T". Once payment is made and a receipt is given, kindly Whats app to 868-740-2860 or email for confirmation thank you. Do remember, who pays first will get the preferential treatment.

Transportation can be provided. Call for details.


Wearing long trousers is a shorts please

Wear long/short sleeve tops. No sleeveless tops please.

Wear hiking shoes/trainers with good grips under the soles. Absolutely no slippers or sandals please.

Wear hat or baseball cap which will be useful especially in the areas of exposure to the sun.

Use a  backpack thereby keeping both hands totally free.

Bring along mosquito repellent. Optional

Bring a change of clothing which will be left in the vehicles.