Palo Seco to Los Iros Beach Walk



Meeting place: The entrance to Mount Hope Medical Science Complex, Mount Hope

Meeting time: 7:00am SHARP

Estimated arrival time at Beach Camp in Palo Seco: 9:15am

Estimated completion time of the hike at Los Iros: 1:30pm LATEST

The rating of this beach walk is (4) Moderate

Welcome to deep Southern Trinidad where few people from the Northern part of the island frequent. Although the beaches in this area is the Columbus Channel where the waters is not as pristine as that of the Caribbean Sea in the northern part, one notable advantage in southern Trinidad is that beach walking is refreshingly invigorating. 

Before we embark on this walk, we stop off first at "James Trace", take a short walk into the forest where there are numerous active volcanic cones scattered under a generous canopy of trees making your visit a comfortable one. We eventually head back into our waiting vehicle that will drop us off at Palo Seco Beach where our 4 mile beach walk begins. Once the tide is out, a wonderful walk is certainly in store.

As we eventually close in on Los Iros Beach, we will see life guard huts, sheds and other infrastructure that gives us the indication that we've reached our destination. 

Distance of this overall beach walk is 3.95 miles.

Duration & Cost

9 Hours

Duration from Palo Seco to Los Iros Beach (One way) - 2 hours maximum



TTD $120. per adult

Includes transport from Los Iros to Palo Seco

Kindly make payment to any branch of Republic Bank Limited


In the name of "Nature Trekking in T&T"

Once payment is made, kindly Whats app or email a copy of the receipt as proof of payment

Persons wishing to make direct payments, touch base with me and arrangements will be made

Please note that persons making advanced payments will be acknowledged first and foremost

Attire & General Information

Wear long/short trousers.

Bath suits can be worn under your hike clothing.

Wear long/short sleeve tops. No sleeveless tops.

Wear hiking shoes/trainers/sandals with good grips under the soles. No slippers on this trek please.

Use a Backpack thereby keeping both hands totally free.

Bring along mosquito repellent.

Bring a change of clothing which will be left in the vehicles.

Important Notice - Re: COVID-19

Due to the state of  this pandemic the Corona-virus epidemic, in order to maintain my usual high standard of service on to my fellow hikers and fitness enthusiasts, for this "Beachcombers Event", no more than "(15) fifteen hikers" will be entertained whatsoever. Safety, and security is NTITT's utmost prime focus and of course, your well-being will be monitored every step of the way throughout the duration of the expedition.

Please read the guidelines carefully that will be the order of the day:

  1. At the meeting point, you are to remain in your respective vehicles. I will entertain each of you by the car window.

  2. A 15 minute grace will be given for late comers. At 7:15am, we depart Mount Hope to our destination. The objective here is to "START EARLY AND FINISH EARLY".

  3. Social distancing will be the order of the day throughout our beach walk.

  4. Wear your face mask if you so desire.

  5. Along the way, there will be 2 stops to ensure that our convoy remain together and no one is displaced.